• Hembrugterrein – Hemkade 18, Zaandam

Opening hours:

  • Doors open: 12h CET
  • Start show: 12h CET
  • End show: 23h CET


  • Make sure to bring your ID and your ticket. The minimum age for the event is 18+. We cannot grant access to visitors younger than 18. Therefore, it is important to take legal identification with you for security to check your age. You can only scan your ticket through your phone.


  • As a standard procedure, all visitors and crew are thoroughly inspected. Visitors are not allowed to bring luggage and/or backpacks to the event. You are allowed to bring handbags to the event with a maximum size of A4 and 10 cm thickness.

Items not allowed:

  • Chewing gum
  • Drones or any professional camera and/or video equipment
  • Selfie stickslarge umbrella, a pocket size umbrella is allowed
  • Deo and parfums.
  • Glassbottles or large heavy objects.
  • Drugs, hard or soft drugs & N2o (nitrous oxide)

Lockers and payment methods


  • Lockers are available at the venue and online. Lockers can be only bought cashless (by card). You can store your belongings in the lockers on location. Please check the floorplan below for the exact locker location.
  • To make sure you don’t miss out, we recommend you to secure your locker in advance. Please note, lockers bought in advance are cheaper than at the festival itself

Please find the online prices below:

  • M Locker €10,50 (ex. fee)
  • L Locker €14,50 (ex. fee)

Grab your e-locker before the event via this link: BUY LOCKERS

When buying at the festival, the prices will increase.


  • Secret Project presents is cashless. Please note that there won’t be any ATM machines at the festival terrain. You can pay by credit or debitcard. You can pay with Maestro, Vpay, Mastercard and VISA.


  • Coming soon!

How to get there?


Traveling by bike from Amsterdam is the easiest way. You can use the ferry ‘Hempont’ to Zaandam. The ferry runs 24/7 all night long every 20 min in both directions.

  • Bike ride to the ferry:
  • From Amsterdam Sloterdijk only 15 min by bike.
  • From central station it’s a ± 30 min bike ride.

Ferry schedule:

  • From Hempontplein to Zaandam (festival) at xx:00, xx:20, xx:40
  • From Zaandam (festival) to Hempontplein at xx:10, xx:30, xx:50

Follow the signs (50m from ferry stop) to the designated bike parking area on ‘verdedigingspark

Public Transport (NS Dutch Railway) + Shuttle bus

  • The second best and easiest way to get to the festival is to take the train in combination with the shuttle bus. We encourage everyone to choose environmentally friendly means of transportation. Plan your trip from anywhere in the Netherlands to NS Station Zaandam by using this link. After you reached NS station Zaandam, we strongly recommend you use the shuttle bus to get to the festival and the other way around. Check the section ‘shuttles’ for more information.

Parking + Shuttle bus

  • There is no parking space around the venue. We strongly advise to visit the venue with public transport. If you want to park the car, we advise you to park with Q park. Via this link you can purchase your parking ticket. Please note, after you parked your car, we advise you to take the shuttle bus to the festival site. The Q-park garage is located next to the shuttlebus terminal (NS Station Zaandam). Check the section ‘shuttles’ for more information. Please note the parking ticket is not a valid shuttle bus ticket, buy your shuttle bus ticket here:


Shuttles (Station Zaandam – Hemburgterrein

  • The best way to get to the festival site is to take the Shuttle bus from NS Station Zaandam. Hop on the shuttle bus at NS Station Zaandam and you’ll be dropped off right in front of the entrance.

Timings: Busses will be driving from 11:45AM – 11:45PM

  • Boarding location (to the festival): NS Station Zaandam – Bus terminal
  • Boarding location (back to NS Station Zaandam) – right next to the festival entrance. Please, follow the signs ‘Shuttle buses’.

Price: Tickets from Station Zaandam to the venue are €8,50 per person and can be bought online in the ticket shop. Be quick because the price of our shuttle tickets will increase on the day itself and on location to €9,50 per person: BUY HERE



  • Coming soon!

Extra information:


  • A party without music is like a carbonated drink without fizz. But going deaf or having ringing in your ears that simply won’t go away, is a very sad memento of a good party. So go easy on your ears and be sure to wear ear plugs if the sound level exceeds 80 dB(A). Earplugs can be bought near the info stand.

Celebrate safe

  • During Secret Project presents we celebrate safely. When you (or your friend) are not feeling well, please visit our first aid team. The first aid team is your friend and are here to help you without judgement.

Zero tolerance

  • We have a zero-tolerance policy and so discourage you to bring (soft)drugs to the event. If one of these is detected during visitation, you will be denied access to the event. Public use of drugs at the event also leads to removal. Please respect our regulations.

Lost & found

Found items can be brought to the info stand, the exact position can be found on the floorplan. Have you lost something? During the event you can check the info stand.
After the event you can contact us for last items:

  • Something lost in your locker: MORE INFO HERE
  • Something lost on the shuttle bus: MORE INFO HERE
  • Something lost on the festival terrain: coming soon


  • The festival will take place rain or shine. Please keep up to date on weather reports and plan your attire and preparations accordingly.

Food & Drinks

  • Food-trucks are available and plenty of bars as well, all over the venue.

Semi-professional Photo Equipment and Selfie Sticks

  • Bringing professional or semi-professional equipment to this event is strictly prohibited, unless agreed upon otherwise by means of an assigned press accreditation. Selfie sticks longer than 1 meter are prohibited as well. Normal digital or other cameras and go-pro cameras are permitted.


  • Please be aware of your valuable belongings and keep an eye out for pickpockets.


  • Still have some questions? Contact us via this form and we’ll get back to you ASAP!



Where can I buy tickets?

  • Tickets can only be bought through our official ticketshop made possible by Paylogic. Please never buy via unofficial channels as we cannot give any guarantees on the validity of the tickets or that you pay more than the regular prices.

Which tickets are available, and can I upgrade my ticket?

  • Regular tickets only, for you, for everyone. Everybody is on the same dance floor.

Am I able to buy my tickets in installments?

  • Yes, this is possible by selecting the payment method Klarna when checking out.

Do I need to personalize my tickets?

  • Yes, personalising your tickets for Secret Project presents is mandatory. One of the reasons for personalising the tickets is to make it harder for people with the wrong intentions to sell their ticket(s) for extortionate prices.
  • You will receive a confirmation email from Paylogic which contains a link that gives you access to the personalisation page. Can’t find the confirmation email? No worries, you can use this link from Paylogic.

I didn’t receive the confirmation mail, what can I do?

  • Always be sure to check your spam folder first. If you still can’t find your confirmation mail, don’t worry! You can use this online tool from our ticketing partner Paylogic. You will receive the confirmation email once again.
  • If the email still hasn’t arrived, please contact our partner Paylogic.

Can I change the name on the ticket?

You are able to change the name on a ticket. Just go to our order via the confirmation mail from Paylogic and follow the instructions underneath. Can’t find the confirmation email? No worries, you can use this link from Paylogic.

  • Click on change of name.
  • Select the ticket whose name you want to change.
  • Enter the email address of the new visitor
  • Select your preferred payment method
  • Complete the name change.
  • The new visitor will receive an email in which the ticket can be claimed.

Am I able to sell my ticket?

  • You can sell your ticket through the resale platform HERE.
  • The resale platform enables you to set your desired price, but it prevents from exceeding the original price. With this approach we tend to keep it fair for everyone.
  • This is the only way to resell your ticket(s) 100% safely. We highly advise against purchasing tickets through alternate channels. 

When do I receive my tickets?

  • You will receive your mobile ticket one day before the event. The reason for delayed fulfillment is to prevent fraud and keep tickets from ending up on the black market. 

I can’t find my tickets, help!

  • You will receive the actual tickets no later than three days before the event.

How do I sell my ticket?

If you want to sell your ticket through our resale platform, please follow the following steps.  

  • Go to your order page via the confirmation email you received from Paylogic. Can’t find the confirmation email? Click here!  
  • Click on manage order > resale > sell your ticket
  • Select the ticket(s) you would like to put up for sale 
  • Determine the price and confirm. A resale account is automatically created for you.  

You will receive a confirmation email and a notification when your ticket is sold, and you will receive the money within a few working days. 

Help, I’ve changed my mind and would you like to keep the ticket(s)! 

  • No worries, if the ticket(s) is not sold yet, you are able to withdraw your ticket(s) via the confirmation mail.

How do I buy tickets through the resale platform?

  • Buying tickets through the resale platform is easy. The only thing you need is a resale account which can be created on the resale platform HERE.